For Swati, to express has been as vital as to breathe. This fact helped her to start writing at a very tender age which was kept to her diaries only back then.  Having been raised in an educationists’ family, in a really small town, She has been carrying a strong head along with a soft heart.

Swati is a willful believer of her parents, God, knowledge and truth in the exact same order. Degrees in Science, Academics and a Paramedical PG diploma are reflected in the versatility of her choice of subjects she writes about. She served and experienced the life of a paramedic for half a decade. In floating with life; as the time demanded, ended up as an educator in last ten years.

And as it goes; once an educator, always an educator.

Her love for various languages led her to a compelling career in content writing. She continues with the same, thriving as a well sought after content writer and translator. With years passing, there accumulated various experiences and stories to be told. Sharing those with her writing skills has been her prime enterprise now.

Human beings and emotions are the subjects that appeal Swati the most. Relations are her forte. Ability to write in English and Gujarati both has given her a vast sky to spread her wings.Whatever she imagines, feels or observes comes to us in form of short stories and articles. She expresses the intensity of the emotions through the poetry written in her mother tongue. Her day to day ascertainment and thoughts are brought to us as Yellownotes and quotes. Unique tiny stories with musical ends are some of the most cherished content by her readers.

Swati Joshi – Founder, Swati’s Journal

July 2015

It was July 2015 when she got a place to pour down the stories brimming in her head. Started with a single story at medium, she started traversing in the field of writing.

Publishing at medium has not only quenched the creative thirst she has but also gave her a chance to reach her very own avid readers.

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June 2018

Three years of learning, experimenting and writing in fragments helped Swati to cook up a variety of creations. That covered a range of areas she wrote in. The concoction heaped up over hundredth and she felt the need of a bigger place.
This led towards building a new home called Swati’s Journal

By far, the most read categories on Swati’s Journal are 

# Long live life

# Short Stories

# Swati’s Musicals

# Yellownotes

August 2018

This August, acclamation started pouring giving her an early Spring time!

#  A huge blog’s directory Feedspot reviewed her stories and featured Swati’s Journal among top 20 Short stories blog, Amazing isn’t it?

# Another blog’s directory, Blogarama included Swati’s Journal to their Art and Entertainment section

Jan 2019

Published my 100th post – What’s your New year about? this month. and that’s not all. It’s a month that delighted me with following unbelievable numbers.

Gained more Readers, Followers and Love. 


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