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Nidhi Maheshwari, a Civil Engineer is an enthusiastic, ambitious young girl with thousands of aspirations. She loves to make new friends, read and write stories. Her liking has been moulded and reflected in her blog thecaffables

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It’s okay to relax once in a while 3 (2)

It’s okay to relax once in a while 3 (2)

Don’t you think, youth today has to work quite hard to achieve their pre-decided goals? It takes a toll on them in terms of mental pressure and physical exhaustion. Read this account of a young working girl here expressing the same psyche! You might also like to read this article on being yourself.

Never appreciated – a short story to make you love yourself 3.7 (10)

Never appreciated – a short story to make you love yourself 3.7 (10)

Appreciation is one of the best things we humans can endow each other with. Being appreciated is one of the most important emotional needs we humans have. To care enough and to be there for someone with a few nice words is all it takes to change someone’s life… we can do this much, can’t we?

Stuck inside home – A short story 5 (2)

Stuck inside home – A short story 5 (2)

This beautiful short story, written in soliloquy style can drive you out of your apathetic routine in the difficult times, we all are going through. We wish that these hard times be used as life lessons and we must use this period to build and shape a stronger and wiser self!

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Swati’s Journal hosts creative content in English and Gujarati Languages. So, all the writers who wish to write in any / all languages are invited. Most read categories include Short stories, Articles and Poetry.
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