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कोशिश – Hindi Poetry | By “मुसाफ़िर” Deepak Sharma

गुलज़ार साहब ने लिखा है कि, “चारागर लाख करें कोशिश-ए-दरमाँ लेकिन, दर्द इस पर भी न हो कम तो ग़ज़ल होती है!” इसी दर्द की दवा ढूंढ रहा ‘मुसाफ़िर’ आपसे यहाँ कुछ कहना चाहता है|

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Popularly known as ‘Musafir’ is a Chemical Scientist by profession and a blogger by choice. Having a very unusually exciting life, he writes adventure blogs and poetry making them a real treat for the readers. His magnificent photography has been equally appreciated as his writings! Connect with him at Lonely Musafir

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