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Parenting the parents

In going with the flow of life, we almost forget that taking care of aging parents is not a duty but an honor. Whenever you feel like you’re stuck looking after them, meet some friends who’ve lost their parents before time.

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Parenting – the ultimate challenge

Parenting doesn’t come with a ‘how to-’ guideline, giving you a chance to create your own struggle stories, fun stories, blunder stories that you will be sharing with your family on some weekend dinners! This article here will help you with your learn-as-you go process of parenting.

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Hiten Parekh


Studied HR and Law and worked in the same field for 15 years. Believes in going and growing with life so now, a freelancer for the last 5 years. As all the nice people think alike, he too has short and long term goals for making a positive impact on ecology and he intends to bring little though some positive change to people’s life through his words.

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