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Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear heart,Please keep the doors open for the people who’ve walked away; true friends will return soon! – Swati.

Dear world,Waking up every morning as a beginner saves us from the regrets of the night gone. – Swati.

Dear Life,Spirit of making every day count despite of knowing that everything would end is called living I believe. – Swati.

Dear food,It’s just not the ingredients but the hunger that makes you taste good! – Swati.

Dear Nature,Thanks for teaching us that the clouds are fleeting not the Sun! – Swati.

Dear Life,The ability to keep trying persistently makes a positive thinker stronger than any other entity of the world! – Swati.

Dear Love,You’re like the moon; changing phases from refined to crude with days advancing. – Swati.

Dear Scoundrels,You’re already in heaven ‘coz, we’re a country with millions of people, thousands of Gods n hundreds of religions focusing on prosperity and enlightenment of the individuals! – Swati.

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