Yellownotes – Quote of the Week | August 2019 | Week 04

Written by Swati Joshi

August 24, 2019

Dear heart,Please keep the doors open for the people who’ve walked away; true friends will return soon!
Dear world,Waking up every morning as a beginner saves us from the regrets of the night gone.
Dear Life,Spirit of making every day count despite of knowing that everything would end is called living I believe.
Dear food,It’s just not the ingredients but the hunger that makes you taste good!
Dear Nature,Thanks for teaching us that the clouds are fleeting not the Sun!
Dear Life,The ability to keep trying persistently makes a positive thinker stronger than any other entity of the world!
Dear Love,You’re like the moon; changing phases from refined to crude with days advancing.
Dear Scoundrels,You’re already in heaven ‘coz, we’re a country with millions of people, thousands of Gods n hundreds of religions focusing on prosperity and enlightenment of the individuals!


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