Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote of the Week | August 2020 | Week 04

In this week’s Yellownotes, these uplifting Feeling Alone quotes would help you understand the positive side of loneliness and isolation. You might also like to ponder on these loneliness quotes.

Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear Life,I trust you with your ‘how to’ curriculum, loneliness is one of your most important courses to introduce us to ‘Ourselves’! – Swati.
Dear World,We do have plenty of good people, but half of them are stuck with some unworthy company and the other half is waiting for that lot to join them and make their lives worth living! – Swati.
Dear Society,Need not to judge every loner for his being some pathetic victim, many choose to stay alone than to be in the wrong company! – Swati.
Dear Man,Solitude feels like drifting in the ocean; it never matters if you do it in a Yacht or in a lifeboat. – Swati.
Dear Friends,Don’t deduce the overwrought friends because they might be trying to fit into your normal world, fighting their inner solitude! – Swati.
Dear People,Cutting one’s self out doesn’t always mean being abandoned or being arrogant; sometimes one needs an occasional break to feel, admire and sort one’s self! – Swati.
Dear Dictionary,Due to your limitation to make us understand the other aspects of words like loneliness; we miss to interpret it as some random chance to grow confident, self-reliant and to bring peace! – Swati.

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