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Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear Love,You’ve been the most brutal entity I know, as you take just a moment to shatter our well advised heart that we’ve worked on for years. – Swati.

Dear Women,Nature has sent you here to be skilled n spread the magic by being a mom; all it takes is a womb, not necessarily yours only! – Swati.

Dear Human,Don’t struggle for holding some ‘THINGS’ or ‘PERSONS’, because when the ‘TIME’ comes, we’ll have to let them ‘GO’! – Swati.

Dear God,I thank you the most when I witness my morals holding the ground firmly against all odds! – Swati.

Dear Human,Increasing internal serenity doesn’t allow any detachment to damage you! – Swati.

Dear Society,No absolute good or evil people can harm the world as much as the folks living between these two territories, manipulating everything as per their need and greed! – Swati.

Dear Artists,Before you create something, you’ll have to go through that particular emotion you are working on; it’s like learning alphabets before speaking. – Swati.

Dear You,Don’t judge anyone by his action you’re seeing today; there’s a larger episode his yesterday might be bearing! – Swati.

Dear ladies,Everyone is going to look wrecked with passing time; how you accept and deal with it will decide how old you’ve been! – Swati.

Dear teachers,I used to think that we need a good memory to pass the exams, but now I know it’s actually a prime requirement for winning fights with relatives and neighbours! – Swati.

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