Yellownotes – Quote of the Week | July 2019 | Week 04

Written by Swati Joshi

July 23, 2019

Dear Love,Don’t hope for anything from those vulnerable hearts; they’ve surrendered to the lust long ago.
Dear heart, Stay open; it’ll allow all the grief to flow out n all the love be filled in its place.
Dear Society,Marriages are definitely made in heaven n Karma must be in charge of the department!
Dear human,Do you need to draw out the stories you don’t wanna share with others?Use yr pillow; diaries are monsters-stay away!
Dear men,It’s okay to forget to pray before you go to bed, but never forget to wipe out all the grudges you’ve accumulated during a whole day.
Dear God,We humans need a head nodding in our favor more than we need oxygen.
Dear Society,Nowadays, stories about what bad has happened to you works more than what good you’ve done.
Dear eyes,Don’t long for the scenery you just have heard about; start seeing whatever is around ‘coz nothing will stay forever, neither the scenery nor you!
Dear Self,I may not have known about ‘how’ to change the undesirable qualities in people around, but I definitely know about ‘whom’ to change.


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