Yellownotes – Quote of the Week | July 2019 | Week 01

Written by Swati Joshi

June 25, 2019

Dear Life,Quit trying me ‘coz I am quite a tough soul and you have very limited time here.
Dear Love,We human are quite weird to be attracted towards things we can’t understand and you have been at the top of that list for ages.
Dear best friend,Let this ice between us grow thicker as ‘breaking the ice’ is an interesting art I have mastered in!
Dear Worries,You better watch yourself,as I have decided to wait till the next Sunrise to give you a heartache.
Dear Smile,WHO should declare you to be the life saving drug!
Dear hypocrites, Do you think my blood group is ‘Alien +’? Well it’s not so, please try yourselves somewhere else.


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