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Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear Religion,Thanks for making me clear about death and eternity as just to be a misconception and the truth respectively. – Swati.

Dear people,I must say, Karma has quite an advanced face recognition system, as our deeds recognise us like a kid to his mother! – Swati.

Dear human,Living is like pulling through the storms; every time you survive it, you unconsciously become a new version of yourself. – Swati.

Dear World,All who are wise and learned either have great parents or the books! – Swati.

Dear Parents,Constant competition kills the spirit of learning; your kids are just your kids, not a winning machine! – Swati.

Dear Emotions,You take so long to evolve that the past seems more fascinating than the present to most of us! – Swati.

Dear You,When walking away doesn’t seem easy; it’s better to get ready for a straight fight with the situation! – Swati.

Dear youth,Work hard on your name as it’s the only thing gonna remain; everything else will be consumed by the death! – Swati.

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