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Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear World,Although there’s fog all over today; it won’t stop me plant my own garden as I know that the Sun is coming over tomorrow again! – Swati.

Dear Emotions,Sorry for failing each of yr efforts to sink me; I’m born with such peculiarities that I’d overcome anything to get out of it. – Swati.

Dear Faith,You along with hope have been my oar getting me through some frightful meanders while I travel down the river called Life! – Swati.

Dear Youth,Don’t waste time in mourning over the things you failed to achieve, as we awfully have time not enough to acquire what is still there for us! – Swati.

Dear World,Too much introspection is the latest ailment these intellectuals have started developing! – Swati.

Dear Society,Manipulation is an art of a well informed and sanely intelligent mind! – Swati.

Dear Yesterday,I don’t hold bitterness in my heart just because I couldn’t have control over you, as I’ve a new tomorrow for looking up to! – Swati.

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