Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | June 2020 | Week 01

Written by Swati Joshi

June 1, 2020

15 05 20

Dear People,
If you relate happiness to fun, it won’t last long!

16 05 20

Dear You,
Bad memory is a blessing when you’re too sensitive about the whole universe!

17 05 20

Dear Man,
Harmonizing with Nature is the key to happiness!

18 05 20

Dear Society,
Happiness has universal reasons almost everywhere, while every grief story is individual and unique!

19 05 20

Dear Human,
You are depositing a load of unhappiness in your life with hoarding every unspoken word that you ought to speak louder.

20 05 20

Dear World,
Deception is your soil and you’re cultivating the fruits; trust me, it’s gonna poison you for sure!

21 05 20

Dear mind,
Whenever you’re confused about making a choice between ‘distressed intellectual’ and ‘happy stupid’, go for the later one without asking for my permission!

21 05 20

Dear Life,
Don’t have an exact parameter, but when I stop talking about work, time, karma, past, future, money etc. that’s the time I’m HAPPY!


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