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September 01, 2019
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Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear World,Any activity that involves money for amusement will no longer serve as a stress buster! – Swati.

Dear Life,Thank you for teaching me that living happily doesn’t need a constant check on one’s feelings and their expressions. – Swati.

Dear Science,From human to morons; we’re proof of a constantly undergoing evolution! – Swati.

Dear human,Happiness doesn’t cope well with ‘Future’; it only gets on with ‘Today’ and ‘Now’. – Swati.

Dear pain,It’s not that you’ll never fade; I just have to work a little everyday n you’ll exit soon. – Swati.

Dear God,Kids are one of your best creations; just wanted to ask if you could add a mute button to the upcoming lot. – Swati.

Dear self,After meeting some people here I know now that Gods also make mistakes by giving those reptiles a human face. – Swati.

Dear World,I still don’t understand why politics always starting with great objectives, gets ugly at the end of the day? – Swati.

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