Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | April 2020 | Week 03

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Written by Swati Joshi

April 17, 2020

Dear You,
If there is this relation or person you find too difficult to let go, trust me, it’s the most precious one you could ever have!

Dear Law,
All men are punishable; bad ones for the wrong things they’ve done and good ones for the right things they haven’t done at the right time!

Dear Human,
Freedom is a matter of choice rather than a condition; the moment you choose to be free, you procure it!

Dear World,
Food is the only language an empty stomach understands!

Dear India,
Opinions by ineligible people are killing more than road accidents could every year!

Dear Wisdom,
I wish we could sue you for not telling the truth that when we receive you, a pang and hardships are the contents we have to accept as a whole package.

Dear Society,
Good people don’t feel distressed about being cheated, they regret losing trust in someone on such occasions.

Dear Education,
Once our society puts you ahead of anything, nothing can stop it from giving the world a league of good people!

Tell me, which one did you like to read the most? Sharing bigger collection of day quotes from Hubspot.


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