Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote of the Week | August 2020 | Week 03

Read this week’s Yellownotes for some positive Awakening quotes as messages on Indian Postcards.

Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear Friends,When you keep that sting of being hurt by your people in your mind for longer, the possibility that you hurt someone becomes higher. – Swati.

Dear you,When we want life to fit in a particular layout, it might disappoint us; wonders happen when we give it a chance for ‘that too is possible’! – Swati.

Dear wise,Life is a punishment for those who think that they’ve seen much, they’ve done plenty or they’ve perceived enough; life is something magical only for those who feel like they just have been born! – Swati.

Dear Mind,Creating the sphere of how we feel is only in our control; once you appoint someone as your commander, you might not get to read that “FEEL GOOD” sign everywhere! – Swati.

Dear Man,The exquisite journey of knowing yourself to being kind to yourself leads towards loving others, giving you inner peace in return! – Swati.

Dear self,Don’t let them fool you in the name of salvation, it’s not some trick you learn in a couple of sessions, it’s a lifelong learning process, you might not be done in one life! – Swati.

Dear People,In India, economy, environment, politics, technology, religion, etc., are the subjects that help you look intelligent, but when you intend to join the intellectual league, spirituality is the only choice! – Swati.

Dear Youth,Consider the troubles as some probability of personal growth and you’ll be able to conquer them fearlessly! – Swati.

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