Yellownotes – Daily Qutoes | December 2020 | Week 02

Written by Swati Joshi

December 17, 2020

Read relax quotes this week! Here is quick link to last week’s Yellownotes. Read it Now!.

17 12 20

Dear You,
Let your inner joy become the inheritance for your progeny!

18 12 20

Dear Person,
What you do is a part of what you’ll become, but how you do it is the evidence of what you are!

19 12 20

Dear Life,
In the hustle you’ve bestowed us with, a calm breath with a happy mind is a luxury I deserve.

20 12 20

Dear Youth,
Relaxation doesn’t cost more than a cutting chai with friends!

21 12 20

Dear Man,
Family time is like turning on ‘factory reset’ mode!

22 12 20

Dear World,
A room without any time tracking machine along with a hand-me-down quilt is the cost of my relaxation!

23 12 20

Dear God,
When I come to know that you’re in the mood to mess it up for me, I pull a chair and RELAX!

24 12 20

Dear Mind,
True relaxation is the one that could energize you for the next exertion!


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