Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | February 2020 | Week 03

Written by Swati Joshi

February 15, 2020

Dear Readers,
My words are the mirror images of my state of mind at that very moment, which I believe in delivering consciously rather than throwing them in front of the whole mass following me!

Dear Love,
You resemble ‘Success’ so much that one has to sacrifice something to have you in life.

Dear deprived, Education and hard-work are the paddles that help you set free from misery!

Dear People,
Just ask yourself if you’re doing enough for making this time count on this planet; if yes, close your ears to every other person and if no, start working more until you get a YES!!

Dear Society,
Either stay away or just kill the evil around; a verbal fight is useless as the demon feeds on your arguments!


Dear World,
You wouldn’t have been such a complex place if either men or women have resided in!

Dear Heart,
Stop feeling hurt, the distress will go looking for another address!


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