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Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear Love,Don’t hope for anything from those vulnerable hearts; they’ve surrendered to the lust long ago. – Swati.

Dear people,Gracious helping the filthy ones is the best example of casting pearls before swine. – Swati.

Dear world,The more is the outer glitz; the lesser is the inner light! – Swati.

Dear you,Excessive accumulation of things leads to disproportionate emptiness in your heart. – Swati.

Dear Self,Don’t bother about pleasing them; each of them has his/her own reason to dislike you! – Swati.

Dear Youth,Opinions change with dates; just wait for another Sun to rise. – Swati.

Dear dreams,Your presence is both, a possibility of a miracle to happen as well as a chance to use all my potential to make it happen. – Swati.

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