Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | June 2020 | Week 03

Written by Swati Joshi

June 15, 2020

15 06 20

Dear Self,
Every time we become angry with people for their being what they are, we lose a part of what we are!

16 06 20

Dear Youth,
Having charge of your mind, making it work to create an environment and owning it exclusively is the simplest way to SUCCESS!

17 06 20

Dear Brave,
Don’t choose a despicable enemy to fight with, as you won’t be able to match their level of disgust!

18 06 20

Dear Man,
Employ your faith to fight your fears!

19 06 20

Dear People,
‘A Master’ and ‘A Slave’ both reside in you at the same time, choose wisely whom you’d like to make work, it will decide your success or failure!

20 06 20

Dear World,
It’s more important to learn how to stand against adversities than to do something rewarding everyday.

21 06 20

Dear Life,
I believe in putting up a great show rather than becoming a mere spectator.

22 06 20

Dear Human,
Motivation through WORDS might help the individual who’s had it, but the motivation through ACTIONS will help the generations!


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