Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | October 2019 | Week 03

Written by Swati Joshi

October 17, 2019

Dear Self,If we’ve the ability to gather strength from pain and be brave when life hits hard; nothing on this planet can let us down unto death!

Dear Youth,It’s okay to be average in whatever you do, but it’s important to learn a lesson out of it and become a better version of yourself with every passing day.

Dear Passion,Since ages, you accompanied by hard work have been the key-ingredient in the recipe of Success!

Dear People,Success is all about touching the finish line; doing it first is a misconception created by us to feed our ego!

Dear Relations,Words can work like medicine for some of you while many of you need surgery and a timely removal!

Dear Intellectuals,Books are undoubtedly good teachers but absolutely not better than the Nature itself!

Dear Students,Discrimination on the basis of Race, Caste, Gender or financial inequality are not a part of history; they’re in our blood n the whole country has it in one or the other form.

Dear World,When half of the world wakes up, have coffee n starts for work; we Indians struggle for picking the right type of toothpaste for our teeth!


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