Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | April 2020 | Week 02

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Written by Swati Joshi

April 9, 2020

Dear Virtual World,
We’re thankful for receiving the everyday motivation from you that helps us build our character, but we need real people for maintaining the same!

Dear Love,
Keeping the doors closed for you right now as you’re the riot to my mind and the venom to my heart!

Dear Democracy,
If tolerating ignorant and selfish citizens without uttering a word against them is what you mean, then you’re not my favorite!

Dear Society,
There’re some people who motivate, there’re some people who get motivated and the rest have to go to work and earn their bread and butter!

Dear people,
When you’re born in the rich class, life is like a party for you; for the poor class, it’s a freak show, but for the middle class, it’s nothing less than a CIRCUS!

Dear Evil,
Recent incidents on our planet must have confused you about who’s more talented, whether it’s you or these Vandals!?

Dear Heart,
Either we can trust God for the course of life or start gathering courage for becoming our own pathfinder!

Dear small things,
They don’t know that without practicing enough with you, we can’t start for greater goals!

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