Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | August 2020 | Week 02

Written by Swati Joshi

August 9, 2020

09 08 20

Dear Religion,
We were masters and created you for being introduced to liberation, but our lack of common sense has made us your slaves.

10 08 20

Dear Society,
Freedom without a sense of responsibility is sheer barbarism!

11 08 20

Dear Freedom,
All of us might desire and fight for you, but I truly know that you’re going to accompany them who treat you with intellect and wisdom!

12 08 20

Dear World,
Liberty builds its abode on the foundation of courage, accountability, acumen and prudence!

13 08 20

Dear Parents,
Letting your kids be something that you’re not is also a form of the Right to Freedom!

14 08 20

Dear Youth,
Freedom always has a price tag, desire it if you’re capable enough to pay it.

15 08 20

Dear Nation,
May you be blessed with visionary, ingenious, judicious, patient, insightful kids who hold you in their hearts more than any material pleasures!

16 08 20

Dear man,
Being free never means breaking all the boundaries or disobeying the rules, but it’s all about giving and earning respect one deserves.


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