Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | December 2019 | Week 02

Written by Swati Joshi

December 9, 2019

Dear Prayers,You’re the downpour for my soul, cleaning the dirt of negativity every time.

Dear Computers,I learnt from you to shut down for a while when it’s crazy inside!

Dear Life,Thanks for teaching me gradually that the balance we seek is all about serenity n a placid state of mind.

Dear man,Being true to one’s self is the only remedy that saves you from all the falsified perceptions ruling the world.

Dear Youth,Failures definitely can teach you something, just keep yr heart n mind open to the whole experience.

Dear World,Greatness is not all about glorious acts always; it’s something about the small, selfless moves we often make for others!

Dear Human,It’s easier n better to focus on ‘What next could I do’ than to look at ‘What could have been done’!

Dear pain,You won’t get to stay with me more, as I do have a timer set for mourning; once the bell rings, I overcome feeling bad.


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