Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | July 2020 | Week 02

Written by Swati Joshi

July 9, 2020

09 07 20

Dear Heart,
Allowing yourself to face whatever comes to you without letting it infect you with the grudge or without being touched by arrogance is the way to pure happiness!

10 07 20

Dear World,
People who accept life as the gift of their imperfections and embrace it solemnly are the happiest ones.

11 07 20

Dear You,
To be happy or not is like believing in God or not because both depend on your willingness about if you want to do it or not!

12 07 20

Dear People,
Happiness is not only about extracting pleasure out of the incident, but I think it’s more about how meaningful you consider that particular incident.

13 07 20

Dear Human,
Gratitude is the shortest route to happiness!

14 07 20

Dear Happiness,
Thank you for teaching me that making a small difference in someone’s life can give me the purpose of life and also that I can earn you as an incentive.

15 07 20

Dear Man,
When happiness originates from some selfless acts of kindness, it becomes more of a spiritual experience than a human!

16 07 20

Dear Mind,
When we start differentiating between the significant and the trivial things, life starts getting sorted making more room for peace and happiness!


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