Yellownotes – Quote of the Week | June 2019 | Week 02

Written by Swati Joshi

June 9, 2019

Dear Self,Good and Evil pervade the world in a perfect balance.
Dear Prayers,These half-witted creatures think that it’s the Hydrogen Bomb that might change everything; you must be feeling like, LOL!
Dear Night,Thanks for being such a heaven-sent blessing for mankind else We would have killed each other long ago!
Dear Pride,How could you manage to wreck anything down with a mere touch? You must join our enemy forces!
Dear Karma,Why we would need Halloween when We’ve you to scare our people to death any moment?
Dear Youth,You are gonna sell yourself to the people to whom not just your brain, but the colour of your tie would matter more. So, hope you know your lilac, magenta and fuscia!
Dear Friends,Few people in our lives are like H2S gas, quite poisonous still present almost everywhere.
Dear words,Behave yourself as I am unable to manage with the remedies to cure the pain inflicted by you!


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