Yellownotes – Daily Qutoes | November 2020 | Week 02

Written by Swati Joshi

November 9, 2020

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09 11 20

Dear People,
Low self-esteem is a yield that you get once you hand over your senses to others.

10 11 20

Dear World,
Experience is the only driving force to change a man’s mindset!

11 11 20

Dear You,
Choose your company wisely as you can change someone’s opinions, but the character.

12 11 20

Dear man,
If your anger has fire, keep ready the cooking pot before you just waste it.

13 11 20

Dear Life,
Troubles and fate are almost same as both knock every door once for sure.

14 11 20

Dear Youth,
Giving advice might work in some cases, but taking it works most of the times.

15 11 20

Dear Success,
Teach them that for ripening a fruit requires patience more than the dream, wish and work!

16 11 20

Dear fellow,
Remember that welcoming a powerful gentleman as a friend would invite his foes in your life too!


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