Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Powerful Quotes | November 2020 | Week 02

November 09, 2020
Read this week's Yellownotes with powerful quotes. Words has the power to touch and impact many lives altogether.

Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear People,Low self-esteem is a yield that you get once you hand over your senses to others. – Swati.

Dear World,Experience is the only driving force to change a man’s mindset! – Swati.

Dear You,Choose your company wisely as you can change someone’s opinions, but the character. – Swati.

Dear man,If your anger has fire, keep ready the cooking pot before you just waste it. – Swati.

Dear Life,Troubles and fate are almost same as both knock every door once for sure. – Swati.

Dear Youth,Giving advice might work in some cases, but taking it works most of the times. – Swati.

Dear Success,Teach them that for ripening a fruit requires patience more than the dream, wish and work! – Swati.

Dear fellow,Remember that welcoming a powerful gentleman as a friend would invite his foes in your life too! – Swati.

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