Just Breathe – English Poem

August 31, 2020
Breathing, we don’t look into this most important aspect of life very carefully. As being human, we’re used to ignore what’s vital. With each breath we inhale, we take in a chance, hope, faith, love that keep us alive, while exhaling, we can throw out the negativity, grudge, pain and affliction. Taking in air and throwing it out is not only a process I believe, but that’s what living is!

Written by - Swati Joshi

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Breathing is living as we understand it. It’s the proof of being alive. Since the day we’re born to the last departure what remains constant in our lives is this moving air. It’s the evidence of our existence. It’s our eternal companion throughout the journey on this wonderful planet. Latin word ‘Spiritus’ means breath so; whatever is spirited and spiritual is definitely related to breathing. The sublime forces that drive this Universe can reach us with every breath we take and giving us a chance to be free from all our fears and agony.

“When the life starts telling you a tale of woe
While you see your wits standing as a foe
When you see your shadow shattering beneath
Just breathe, breathe!

There’ll be times your senses may go numb
You’ll see your world conspiring, proving you dumb
When you feel like covered in colluding wreath
Just breathe, breathe!

There’ll be days you’re gonna realize
That your skepticism is cutting you down to size
Save your selfhood from getting runneth
Just breathe, breathe!

That one morning when you’re awake
And you find yourself capable of recognizing the fake
Scare not the notion of life uneath
Just breathe, breathe!

At the end of each flustered episode you’ll need some care
Trust me it is worth depending on this gush of air
Nature has appointed this Zephyr to be your fending sheath
What you need to do is just breathe… breathe!”

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Swati Joshi is an Indian writer who loves to write in English and Indian Languages like Gujarati. Read her Gujarati Poetry and Motivational articles at Swati's Journal.
Swati Joshi



  1. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  2. Along with Oxygen. e breathe in something subtle element called Praan, i.e.Life energy.We can not live on Oxygen only.

    • That Praan is the element we need to nourish with oxygen… it transforms the being.
      Oxygen here only serves as a fuel I believe.

      Thank you for your enriching views.
      Keep writing me back.

  3. Amazing poetry Swati! All those situations where one is expected to loose his mind or temper is nicely portrayed with words. And the message it conveys after all, is profound.

    Very neatly expressed. Kudos to you 😊

    • Thank you very much!

      When we focus on breathing, we’re acknowledged of being alive and that means we can look forward to another chance.

      So, I think whenever something disrupts the inner balance or peace, one needs to BREATHE consciously.

      Thanks for the encouragement you provide with each comment… means a lot!

  4. it’s very informative knowledge to remembering the breath. I really love it. thank you for sharing it. Just breathing

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