01. He’s got a letter!

Shubhra seems quite a decent and smart lady. What are her intentions? Has Amogh got this letter by mistake? If Amogh and Shubhra has managed to preoccupy you, catch them with the next episode – “02. What if?”

Written by - Swati Joshi

First episode of short stories about love. Enjoy the series!

Amogh has received a letter today. It is something new for everyone that he has got something like this otherwise there is no one who has come to meet him nor he could have heard a word from any outsider since last one and a half year.

He opens it with curiosity. His age and condition has slacked his hands but he is somehow thrilled about this new experience.

He is more than eager to know about the person who actually has something to say to this old man. Is there a relative or an acquaintance? Because he only knows that there is no one in this whole world to be considered a family. He hardly remembers any such person.

Wondering about the person, Amogh unfolds the letter. It goes like,

“Hi there,

Hope my letter reaches the person who really understands the importance of companionship!

I know it is a weird kind of starting for a letter to unknown. Yes, you are equally an untold story for me as I am for you. But I am in no flurry for anything.

Let me introduce myself first. I am Shubhra, 72 -waiting for my sunset! I am quite settled in my life with a wonderful family including a son, a daughter-in-law and two extremely lovable grand kids. The reason I am writing this is everyone at my place is quite occupied and I am kind of feeling alone because at my age there is not much you can do though you want to with a heart getting weaker day by day! So, to overcome this solitude my grandson has suggested me to make a pen friend. He has been teaching me to operate computer and I think I am doing pretty good. So, writing a letter can help me practice my typing skills also. I am little excited about this.

So, I have planned to write a letter every week. Hope this would be equally exciting for you.
I am feeling kind of tired now. I think this is a good starting for a neophyte like me.

Good bye,


Amogh read the letter twice. He has not experienced such a thing in years. So, he folds the letter and puts it back into the envelope keeping it handy in his table drawer. Giving it a thought and subconsciously hoping that the letter has not been delivered to him by mistake. He decides to give it a try the next week.

This is the time for his stroll in the garden. He leaves slowly.

I’ll be posting short bites of short stories about love. Happy reading!

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