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This is a web publication written in Gujarati, English, Hindi. Stories, Poetry, Articles that relate to any Ramesh – Suresh, Aaliya – Malya. Most times fun, sometimes deep!



Ego, Self-regard, Love … if not dealt with carefully, would confiscate your calm emptying you from inside.

શું કરો હરિ?

માણસ હોવું એ સહેલું નથી અને આજનાં સમયમાં તો બિલકુલ નહીં. એટલે, જો ભગવાન શ્રી કૃષ્ણ આજે ફરીથી અહીં જન્મ લેવાનું…


It’s not the name that makes a family; the emotions, care and accountability towards each other is the foundation.


‘Love’, is that a human thing only? May be the others could speak then we might have known about how they FEEL!

Lethal Love

When the love is blind, the problems are teensy but, when the love is hefty, the difficulties are also herculean!

Happy Birthday!

If you feel something for someone, don’t let your ego sheath your emotions, you might not have a second…


Human Values and Holism are the main pillars of the Indian culture. It’s totally regardless of where you live…


We humans have been the most dangerous species on this planet as we easily adopt evil things…


Swati’s great affection towards wit, humor and drama makes her writing fresh, different and entertaining. She hopes that you enjoy these stories, articles, poetry as much as she enjoyed creating them. Read More 

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