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To give all my wonderful readers a different experience, my imagination has gotten a new companion in form of tunes! These fictional stories are triggered best with music… [ *No direct association or affiliation with these tracks in any manner. ]

India has a whole different world in its heart that is known as a lower middle class. Adinath has been married since last few months and as it happens to all these working class people, budget over, leaves over thus has no fancy trip called honeymoon. Sulakshana, the wife has started performing her duties of a newly-wed house wife. Takes care of in-laws, cooks, cleans and works with her sewing machine just to help Adinath financially. There are no expensive gifts, no bouquets or romantic dinners here. Sulakshana’s tender touch while handing over the tiffin makes Adinath’s day. And his complement about her beauty makes her feel butterflies in the stomach.

“You never say what you feel for me!” says Adinath in a complaining tone.

“How could I? There are people around.” Sulakshana explains in a squishy voice.

“I don’t know. Now, until you tell me, I am not going to talk to you.” Adinath has decided.

He hasn’t spoken properly in last two days.

Post dinner, it’s his TV time.

The host of the show on the music channel announces, “The song is dedicated to Adinath by his wife Lakshi.”

There are four gleaming eyes and the song…

Love may not be a downpour for some people but if it’s there, can feel it like dew drops… And it helps to blossom till blue in the face! Experience some more hues of emotions, at Swati’s Musicals.

Written by - Swati Joshi

Freelance Content Writer, Indian Author

Having dealt with loads of people literally, I have mastered the subject called LIFE! Everyday encounters and years passed in greying hair push me to write. While not writing, I do behave as a normal human being. Read More

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