Imaginations stirred with real life experiences brew a great recipe. Enjoy the cocktail of emotions in different flavors of life with each story!


Short Stories

It happens…!

Love is like destiny; happens once, stays forever. And like fate, it takes its time to decide ‘When?’

The perfect recipe

Life is a blend of variety of experiences; facing them with patience gives it a unique flavour….

“મેં જોયા છે”

વિશ્વમાં શું સંભવિત છે એના માટે કોઈ થીયરી કામ નથી કરતી. ઈચ્છાશક્તિ એ એકમાત્ર પ્રબળ પરિબળ છે જે અસંભવને પણ સંભવ…


Anokhi is being stalked. Is that the serial killer Shyamal’s searching for? One of the awesome stories to read today…

Mighty Demon

Isn’t it possible that whatever we consider as our achievements, might be someone else’s sacrifice?


Life is unpredictable. Desires are a temporary thing and what we want never matters, but this eternal truth…


It’s not the name that makes a family; the emotions, care and accountability towards each other is the foundation.


‘Love’, is that a human thing only? May be the others could speak then we might have known about how they FEEL!

Lethal Love

When the love is blind, the problems are teensy but, when the love is hefty, the difficulties are also herculean!

Happy Birthday!

If you feel something for someone, don’t let your ego sheath your emotions, you might not have a second…



Ego, Self-regard, Love … if not dealt with carefully, would confiscate your calm emptying you from inside.


Human Values and Holism are the main pillars of the Indian culture. It’s totally regardless of where you live…


We humans have been the most dangerous species on this planet as we easily adopt evil things…


It’s the power of unconditional love that can transform a miserable life into sheer bliss! What it only takes is…


Love doesn’t have SOP for getting hooked. Once you accept it as it comes, it simply starts evolving…


Was that a fair one on Swara? The rules of fair play don’t apply in love and war and they just love her…


Is it destiny or those unspoken words? Moulding emotions into words in time is always necessary…


Love may not be a downpour for some people but if it’s there, can feel it like dew drops. And it helps to…


Stuti is a brave heart. Picking up from where one has left is a courageous act.. Not everyone can do it…

Hey there!

Love is not that simple as one thinks it to be! And you know one thing, emotions don’t know the distance…


A dignified life leads to contentment and is the only course that helps you set free… They who are…


It’s true that Nature hasn’t made anybody perfect… But it has made counterparts for everyone, is equally…

Cherry Blossom!

Memories of past which bring smile on your face are a treasure! … conserve those, they’ll be needed in…


India, not just a word! To understand what it is, you have to be lucky enough to be born here…

Adorably yours!

The sturdy super cool cleaning cop is falling for her rosy pink fragrant beauty…There are not many…


Keep checking what n how much important it is… People or relations; need to be conserved…

Happy Anniversary!

In running the race of life, we sometimes forget about from where we started… But Love, friends and madness…


There is a whole different class of people lacking words to express their feelings but that doesn’t mean..

Get along!

Don’t let yourself be emptied… Life doesn’t depend on anything yet living totally relies on emotions..

The 12th Letter

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