It was July 2015 when I got a place to pour down the stories brimming in her head. Started with a single story at medium, I started traversing in the field of writing.

Swati Joshi – Founder, Swati’s Journal

June 2018

Three years of learning, experimenting and writing in fragments helped Swati to cook up a variety of creations. That covered a range of areas she wrote in. The concoction heaped up over hundredth and she felt the need of a bigger place.
This led towards building a new home called Swati’s Journal

By far, the most read categories on Swati’s Journal are 

# Long live life

# Short Stories

# Swati’s Musicals

# Yellownotes

August 2018

This August, acclamation started pouring giving her an early Spring time!

#  A huge blog’s directory Feedspot reviewed her stories and featured Swati’s Journal among top 20 Short stories blog, Amazing isn’t it?

# Another blog’s directory, Blogarama included Swati’s Journal to their Art and Entertainment section

Jan 2019

Published my 100th post – What’s your New year about? this month. and that’s not all. It’s a month that delighted me with following unbelievable numbers.

Gained more Readers, Followers and Love. 




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