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05. Strings attached!

Written by Swati Joshi

June 14, 2018

Amogh had a busy week. He could not read Shubhra’s fourth letter. It was in his table drawer only. But, the attendant who has brought him this fifth letter reminded him to take a look at the last week’s letter which is still padlocked in the envelope.

Amogh takes both the letters to make it up for the last week too. He finished the fourth one and the fifth went like,

“Hi there,

Hope life is treating you well. After a month’s one way communication, you must be surprised that I haven’t asked you a single word about yourself. But, let me tell you that Maurya has literally researched about you before I started writing you and Medhansh permitted all this after he got totally acknowledged about you and your family. Both of them also have confirmed about no one should be troubled on your side due to this communication. So, I am well aware about you and your concerns.

Yesterday, we went to Swadha’s school for the annual concert. She had a dance performance. She did very well. This brought me back to my college days. We used to do the things in college which these children now do in their school. There I met Gautam for the first time. A delightfully captivating, charming young boy he was. He was a year senior to me. He also looked entranced to see me. Love those days was not a jet stream but a breeze only. So, we took two years to understand and to confess to each other that we liked rather loved one another! Finally, after my graduation, we decided to get married. It was not as simple as ABC in those days!

Your presence has facilitated me to relive those days once again. Thank you one more time.

I am feeling sleepy now. Shall continue this the next week.

Your friend,


Amogh folds the letter carefully and puts it back at its place. He has an uncommon, non-familiar smile on his face.

Gardener enters with fresh buds of roses as always. Amogh likes those in his room put in his favorite crackleware vase brought from his Middle-East tour. He touches those fresh roses and observes the vase carefully. This he hasn’t done in months. He tries to remember something but again this is his time to go for a walk with friends. Amogh leaves slowly with friends.





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