Stutter! – A Musical Short Story

It’s true that Nature hasn’t made anybody perfect… But it has made counterparts for everyone, is equally bona fide… What do you think?

Written by - Swati Joshi

Anunay has been offended for his stammering problem since childhood. This crippling affliction and Anunay both have grown together affecting his confidence a little bit.

His parents are quite strong willed. They very well know that creativity is the only way out. And they want Anunay to know that the world is a beautiful place to live in. There are people less privileged than he is.

“M…M…May I come in?”

Anunay’s first day in music class; he has been greeted warmly by the Guru and the other students. Sharvari is late today so, couldn’t be introduced properly. She just smiled at him during the class.

It has been almost a year now. Sharvari and Anunay are at their favorite Café. Sharvari, in sign language is ordering an ice-cream for her. Anunay has started understanding her voiceless words since long. So, is going to propose her today unafraid of his stutter!

The song on the music system has cued his faltering proposal…

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Swati Joshi is an Indian writer who loves to write in English and Indian Languages like Gujarati. Read her Gujarati Poetry and Motivational articles at Swati's Journal.
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