Touch the Sky with Glory! – A Musical Short Story

Indian soldiers have more valour in their blood than oxygen! History awaits these brave hearts to make her more glorious every time. Proud to be an INDIAN!

Written by - Swati Joshi

It’s 27th Feb. 2019, Wednesday morning.

Wing commander 27981, with his partners is on call to serve the nation. His bird is almost ready to fly.

“Hey ‘A’, going for a coffee?”

“Why not?”

“Will you have something with it, sir?”

“Give me a quick sandwich with a cup of coffee; I think I’m going an extra mile today!” says ‘A’ instinctively.

In next few hours, his MIG -21 Bison was touching the sky.

His mind was focused and filled with the tunes he heard in IAF mess harmonized with the roar of his birdie…

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