Unlit! – A Musical Short Story

We human have been the most dangerous species on this planet as we easily adopt evil things! And ignorance being the devil’s apprentice, corrupts us handily…

Written by - Swati Joshi

It’s almost dark; Sonam is trying to find a place to hide with her two daughters.
They can’t afford to stop for a single moment as there’s a crowd of savages searching for them.

She has no idea where and in what condition her husband Kabir and her sister-in-law are.

They have been separated when this atrocious horde attacked them.

The last thing on her mind is their house was on fire and all of them were running to save their lives.

The town is burning far behind them. The girls have seen a different ferocity in human beings that no animals can emulate.

Screams, bloodshed, physical discrimination, holocaust and what not!

There’re beastly human without humanity; just religious killing machines fueled by utter malice.

The old crematory operator has come to ask if they need anything.

“Thank you for saving us.” Sonam

“You’re like daughter to me. Get some sleep; no one would care to search for you here.” The old man replies.

Sonam tries to close her eyes praying for her separated family members to be safe.

The only sound is of the old man’s radio set; the song reflects the darkness inside out…

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