Yellownotes – Quotes of the Week | April 2018 | Week 04

Written by Swati Joshi

May 1, 2018

Dear Heart, Don’t forget, you are a muscle only; get on with your workout regime before the love strains you!
Dear life, Don’t bother me much, I’m not here to lay a course; I just have to drift along!
Dear Nature, Thanks for teaching us that hustle is not the ride we should take for accomplishment!
Dear Vengeance, They don’t know that you’re an infinite energy; once generated,never leaving this planet!
Dear Karma, I request you for a small demo to a few of my people right here as I might not accompany them in hell.
Der Modesty, You top the list of all the virtues since ages, still underrated!
Dear modern man, Sorrow is just a feeling, don’t use it as a suicidal dope!
Dear India, Sorry for you to bear a mass of uproaring opinionated cowards as the majority of the citizens!
Dear Politics, You have been an art of telling lies skillfully and the developed nations have given us the masters of this craft.


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