Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote of the Week | February 2018 | Week 04

February 22, 2018
Your favourite Yellownotes of the week.

Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear human, We are gifted with the breaths and the beats only; what we call life is something we’ve to earn. – Swati.

Dear India, Education has been a must buy accessory for the upper classes though hardly used. – Swati.

Dear World, My work is all about what I DO; it’s not all of what I AM! – Swati.

Dear people, Reacting, being sensitive, advising, asking – all are good until you add ‘OVER-’ to it! – Swati.

Dear Youth, Let them laugh at your weirdest dreams; they’ll make sense SOMEDAY! – Swati.

Dear wise, Sometimes, ability to see the storm coming when others barely notice the clouds is a curse. – Swati.

Dear artists, aWe live in modern times where beauty gets more attention than any craftsmanship. – Swati.

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