Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote of the Week | March 2019 | Week 04

Your favourite Yellownotes of the week.

Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear Time, I hear you laughing loud for we believe that we can waste or consume you! – Swati.

Dear govt. .. we don’t need traffic rules as it would be something too advance for us… Do you have something in store for COMMON SENSE!?! – Swati.

Dear Friend, Please check the worth of what you are compromising for in day to day life or it would be only a nonsense practice of allowing others to damage you! – Swati.

Dear God, Please check whether its poor technical assistance You are having or the new Chinese machinery been installed in the climate department;It’s us who has to face it! – Swati.

Dear heart, Don’t let my fears scare you, just open up to my faith. It’s already there to save you! – Swati.

Dear life, Though we are in a ‘Dry state’, I want you ‘High-Spirited’ forever! – Swati.

Dear Friends, Don’t ever let go the people that are a part of your Prayers! – Swati.

Dear Human, Just close your eyes to let him open new doors for you! – Swati.

Dear Thoughts, Defeating me is impossible for you as I can shut you to end the battle anytime! – Swati.

Dear people.. one more day of yr life has started with success formula, values forgotten, things being missed, birthday/anniversary wishes, fitness/investment goals n all… But I just want to remind you to breathe in n breath out.. we are still ALIVE! – Swati.

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