Yellownotes – Quotes of the Week | June 2018 | Week 01

Written by Swati Joshi

June 14, 2018

Dear world, Money is the only eclipsed face of the Success, it takes too much to uncover the whole!
Dear Life, I don’t believe in letting the ends open so, wait I am coming to get what I want after closing the circle!
Dear Religion, Need not to offer us much once you provide us with the hope!
Dear Fate, You constantly keep cooking someone’s goose… Taking a leave is good sometimes.
Dear Sarcasm, Why are you so irresistible and yet luxuriantly unapproachable by the mass?
Dear Madness, You’re given to us as a boon but these dim-witted have listed you to be futile!
Dear Youth, Closing your eyes or turning your back towards issues won’t help you dodge a bullet!


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