Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote of the Week | April 2018 | Week 03

Your favourite Yellownotes of the week.

Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear Womanhood, Be my wings, not the chains! – Swati.

Dear World, A little anticipation and acumen are enough to call it a life here. – Swati.

Dear mirror, Keep reminding me to protect the person in you from the ridiculous antagonism out there. – Swati.

Dear You, Every crucial thing you deal with is not a matter of life and death; if it is, you are dead every now and then! – Swati.

Dear Life, You have been quite an overrated subject in modern times! – Swati.

Dear movies, I adore you ‘coz like God you too end positively most of the times! – Swati.

Dear Human, Once you know when to speak and when to keep quiet, you are invincible! – Swati.

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