Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote of the Week | December 2018 | Week 03

December 16, 2018
Your favourite Yellownotes of the week.

Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear Youth,Happiness is like air if you’re not getting it properly, work hard to find and open the window. – Swati.

Dear men,Being yourself completes the picture else, your skills, professions, pursuits, duty etc. are just the other colours! – Swati.

Dear Life, You could have been better if the brains were smaller and the hearts bit bigger! – Swati.

Dear World,The conflicts occur when you start believing more in the theories about God than believing in him! – Swati.

Dear you,Rejection can be a solution for some of the problems, but it’s just temporary! – Swati.

Dear Scoundrels, Your attitude serves as your visiting card so, you flaunt it n we know! – Swati.

Dear human, Keeping faith in small things helps more than trusting in big miracles! – Swati.

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