Yellownotes – Quotes of the Week | July 2018 | Week 03

Written by Swati Joshi

July 9, 2018

Dear you, Say whatever you believe in so that, you don’t have to be loaded with ‘who liked what ideas’!
Dear relation, I don’t deprive you of even a trace of me, when I intend; I give 100% of myself…Please respect!
Dear Mother Nature, Sometimes, walking in your company can soothe us more than a thousand words spoken by other human beings!
Dear Human, Expression of the feeling you have is always easier than holding that in your heart!
Dear Time, With each day passing, I’m drifting towards what is meant for me!
Dear Art, Sorry to say but I don’t admire the idea of your survival on more broken hearts! It’s brutal!
Dear Life, I don’t waste time in verifying the reality so, just be whatever you want to be… I’ll simply accept!


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