Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | December 2018 | Week 02

Written by Swati Joshi

December 9, 2018

Dear breath,Whenever I start to feel like failing everywhere, remind me of your precious presence with a gasp!
Dear Life, Living you virtuously is like writing a book, criticism is unavoidable!
Dear elections,It feels like banging our heads against the brick wall every 5 years…Don’t have a choice, though!
Dear people, Generosity does never depend on the urgency of the needy; it’s always a matter of the donor’s will!
Dear World, Want to check a man’s morals and ethics? Give him the power and the wealth respectively…
Dear India, One or a few great men won’t be able to treat your crooked society ‘coz it’s evil by choice!
Dear mankind,The next generation is gonna be the better one as they will be facing the consequences of your flaws, avoiding to repeat the same!


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