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December 09, 2018
Your favourite Yellownotes of the week.

Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear breath,Whenever I start to feel like failing everywhere, remind me of your precious presence with a gasp! – Swati.

Dear Life, Living you virtuously is like writing a book, criticism is unavoidable! – Swati.

Dear elections,It feels like banging our heads against the brick wall every 5 years…Don’t have a choice, though! – Swati.

Dear people, Generosity does never depend on the urgency of the needy; it’s always a matter of the donor’s will! – Swati.

Dear World, Want to check a man’s morals and ethics? Give him the power and the wealth respectively… – Swati.

Dear India, One or a few great men won’t be able to treat your crooked society ‘coz it’s evil by choice! – Swati.

Dear mankind,The next generation is gonna be the better one as they will be facing the consequences of your flaws, avoiding to repeat the same! – Swati.

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