Yellownotes – Quotes of the Week | July 2018 | Week 02

Written by Swati Joshi

July 9, 2018

Dear Self, Bravery is anyhow attainable, we need to focus on rather a difficult task called being happy!
Dear absurdity, You’re the first and most important human virtue that helps keep us see the sunny side of the life!
Dear Success, So hyped-up you’re as an idea… but you too know that you’re merely a race of recognition, don’t you?
Dear Mother Earth, Sorry, We haven’t been so trustworthy for you n that’s the reason you haven’t been settled yet, isn’t it?
Dear artists, It’s not your creation, it’s always the ability of receivers who can either make you a God or can put you in a trash bin!! So, just express n forget it!
Dear human, Don’t take it too seriously; it’s just a journey as it’s for a tiny bug or it was for the dinosaurs!
Dear people, We seem to be taking the wrong course as we’re supposed to be inquisitive, not judgemental for sure…


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