What’s your New Year about?

January 01, 2019
January, a month dedicated to the new beginning all over the world. But, is it only about setting the new goals n chasing them throughout the year?

Written by - Swati Joshi

It has been a week since the new year day of 2019. The idea of entering a New Year always fascinates many as they look at it as a new chance, a celebration while, there are many others who believe it to be just another day and a new page in the calendar. A matter of perception, you know!

I definitely would like to know what it means to you. Before that, let me share some of my views on it. (My kid believes it to be one of the nicest days as she has holiday in her school on 1st of Jan every year! ;))

In previous years, like all the tender aged do I also thought the New Year to be a new starting. Like the others, I also used to set goals, make resolutions, gear up with new plans, swear to follow the regimes in short try to give a zealous kickoff. And believe me, it never worked the way it should! People (except the marketing pro(s)) may have experienced it. However strictly we manage to keep a check on the list of dos n don’ts; at the end of the year it gets reversed. The dos become don’ts n vice versa.

But with the passing years n with the lessons life taught me through experiences, I understood that a New Year is not just that. Now I look at it bit differently. I look at it as an opportunity to break myself down from what I’ve been the last year, from what I’ve believed or presumed about the people or the situations, from what I’ve imprinted my mind with. Doing this, gives me a chance to meet a new ME! Erasing old ME n trying to become a person I LIKE. To live a happy and a contented life, it is necessary to like yourself. Most of the times, we forget about it n try to become someone to whom others might like. It is practically impossible. So, each New Year brings a new enhanced n grown version of ME! (Here, grown includes my weight too! ;))

As earlier I used to set new goals, I haven’t left it yet. Every year, I fix a ground zero for me to start a new journey. But, unlike the past years I now focus on enriching the journey. Making it simpler, I look forward to the direction I’m going to move in. Every decision leads to a new experience and every experience makes you move in any particular direction without fail. This transition fortifies you every time you move. Person who does not or doesn’t want to move will start rotting. The outset is all about drifting towards not the chasing!

And lastly I find a New Year to be a time to befriend myself. Throughout the year, we have to do many such things that hurt us. While you’re an accountable, responsible n considerably sensitive creature; you’ll have to wrestle with yourself. This doesn’t mean that you have to be in a constant struggle for the lifetime. Every year, I do try to forgive myself for not reaching the goals set by others for me. You have to tell yourself that it’s okay sometimes, you too are human! Making peace with yourself is the prime most requirement for living a healthy life!! N nothing beats health while it’s about making the New Year resolution, right??

So, this is all from me. What’s yours?

Have a happy and a very prosperous year ahead!



P.S. Haven’t talked about success, healthy diet, financial goals n all as there’s a whole year for doing it. 🙂

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