Long live life

Ongoing series of articles to cherish the concept of a happy and a long life. This broth has various life lessons, my own takes on life and living! Tips to add more value to the treasurable life. Providing you a lagoon of notions, hope you’ll find your own pearls!

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05. Play

05. Play

Living is not just about counting days or years. The thrill, wonder and reason to smile gives life…

02. Believe!

02. Believe!

We are living in an era of activated motivation. We have loads of motivation flooding our life since we open our eyes…

03. Allow!

03. Allow!

Allow is the word we mostly consider for others. Whenever it’s intended to permit something to others, we have this word in mind…

04. Wait!

04. Wait!

Sometimes tracing the pace, breaks our harmony with the Nature. And haste takes away the charm and amazement…



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Swati's Journal hosts creative content in English and Gujarati Languages. So, all the writers who wish to write in any / all languages are invited. Most read categories include Short stories, Articles and Poetry.
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Swati's Journal is a web publication offering free content for the readers. Consider it as a community of creative writers and readers. So, No Paid Guest Posts ( Yet! )
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Swati's Journal is run by a small team, mostly by Swati herself. So, review takes 3 - 4 days per post. Considering time for a publishing cycle, anyone can submit 3 to 4 posts per month.

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