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Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote of the Week | September 2020 | Week 02

This week’s Yellownotes have some awesome move forward quotes for you. Also you may love to check this relatable list of moving forward quotes.

બગલો અને કરચલો (A Panchatantra story for kids in Gujarati)

પંચતંત્રની આ મજેદાર વાર્તા આપણને એક સુંદર સંદેશ આપે છે. આ વાર્તા આપણને શીખવે છે કે, ક્યારેક એવો પણ સમય હોય કે જયારે આપણને કોઈની મદદ કે સહકાર ન પણ મળે, મુસીબતનાં એવા સમયમાં આપણી તીક્ષ્ણ બુદ્ધિ જ આપણી સાચી સાથી છે. મુશ્કેલીનાં સમયમાં પણ જે ડર્યા વિના, સ્વસ્થ મનથી, ઝડપથી વિચારવાની કાબેલિયત ધરાવે છે તે કોઈ પણ પરિસ્થિતિમાં પોતાનું રક્ષણ કરી શકે છે!

GTmetrix – Website speed test tool for bloggers like me

When you’ve built a noble audience for your blog, getting a consistent visitor response and yet you’re observing a little yet constant drop in numbers of repeat visits. Discussed the real problem and the solution here.

Parenting – the ultimate challenge

Parenting doesn’t come with a ‘how to-’ guideline, giving you a chance to create your own struggle stories, fun stories, blunder stories that you will be sharing with your family on some weekend dinners! This article here will help you with your learn-as-you go process of parenting. Also take a look at “10 things happy moms don’t do“

02. Deception has a familiar face

When life decides to screw you; nothing helps. All ‘Why’, ‘when’, ‘what’ are regardless when it weaves a cobweb for you. If you’re tabbed as a victim, your fate only can save you. Dark desire is a driving force for all the sinful, immoral acts!

01. Charm weaves the web in quiet!

Life is not always what we think it is. It’s a new mystery revealed every day. It knocks out hard when it is least expected. Here, is Kashyap going to ruin Kaaya’s life too as he has done with Pratha? Could Pranay save her? To get all the answers, please read the next episode.

It is the First Anniversary – unpacking my learnings! [blogging for beginners guide]

I’ve just completed a year of creative writing. Thanking all my readers, guest writers and friends who have been a part of this web publication! Do you have a blog or have you thought about starting one? Read about my journey and tips for bloggers in this article!

03. Is this a silver lining or just a touch of gray?

Life keeps on flowing, it keeps on changing every moment. One moment it seems to be in control, while the next moment it surprises us with something totally unexpected.

01. It’s waiting round the corner!

So true it’s said about the life that it is completely uncertain, unpredictable and also unalterable! Hope Kandarp is fine… How will Sharda react to this incident??

05. હેપી ટીચર્સ ડે!

બ્રહ્મા, વિષ્ણુ, મહેશને પણ પાછળ પાડી દેતો આજનો સમાજ જ મહાગુરુ છે. ટીચર્સ ડે તો માત્ર એક નિમિત્ત છે એવા દરેક ‘ગુરુ’ને આભાર કહી અને તેઓએ આપણને ભણાવેલા પાઠ યાદ કરવા માટે.

Life swears by your belief! – A Short Story in English

It seems that sometimes it’s God who overestimates us, else living is not that difficult! If you’re choosing the righteousness, get prepared for the harder tests. Read more short stories Here!

Stranger! – A Short Story in English

Anokhi is being stalked. Is that the serial killer Shyamal’s searching for? Read more short stories online Here!

Taken! – A Musical Short Story

Ego, Self-regard, Love … if not dealt with carefully, would confiscate your calm emptying you from inside.

Mighty Demon – A Short Story in English

Isn’t it possible that whatever we consider as our achievements, might be someone else’s sacrifice? Read more short stories online Here!

05. Merriment is the way!

Living is not just about counting days or years. The thrill, wonder and reason to smile gives life…

04. Wait for the right time!

Sometimes tracing the pace, breaks our harmony with the Nature. And haste takes away the charm and amazement. While living, waiting never means to be dormant or to be inert, but it’s about being tranquil and stable for sure.

Until it’s time!- A Short Story in English

Life is unpredictable. Desires are a temporary thing and what we want never matters, but this eternal truth can be known after experiencing something unanticipated.
Read “मेरे प्रिय अध्यापक – A Short Story” from a friend and fellow writer.

The Girl and the Lake – Poetry in English | Japan Vora

Girls, so tender to handle, dedicated as some votive candle, when in love; ready to dwindle, yet her dreams, the only force that can make her kindle!

Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote of the Week | September 2020 | Week 03

Read some interesting quotes about life lessons in Yellownotes this week. I also have some bonus read that would help you learn more about everyday life.

Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote of the Week | September 2020 | Week 01

Do you believe in the strength of a positive mindset ? It’s not just your body that needs to work out, found this interesting ideas on positive mindset you may like.

Just Breathe – English Poem

Breathing, we don’t look into this most important aspect of life very carefully. As being human, we’re used to ignore what’s vital. With each breath we inhale, we take in a chance, hope, faith, love that keep us alive, while exhaling, we can throw out the negativity, grudge, pain and affliction. Taking in air and throwing it out is not only a process I believe, but that’s what living is!

Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote of the Week | August 2020 | Week 04

In this week’s Yellownotes, these uplifting Feeling Alone quotes would help you understand the positive side of loneliness and isolation. You might also like to ponder on these loneliness quotes.

વિજયાદશમી – A Gujarati Poetry 5 (2)

તહેવારો ઉજવવા એ આનંદ નો વિષય છે પરંતુ, એ તહેવારો પાછળનાં કારણ જાણીને ઉજવણી કરીએ, ત્યારે એ આનંદ સાર્થક થઇ બેવડાઈ જાય છે. સનાતન ધર્મએ જીવનને સમૃદ્ધ બનાવવા માટે ઘણું આપ્યું છે. રામાયણ પણ એ જ્ઞાનસાગરનું જ એક અણમોલ મોતી છે. વાંચો, માણો અને આનંદો!

From stress to beauty; reasons to remedies! 0 (0)

We humans are not things to be displayed so, outer adornment doesn’t serve the purpose wholly. For us, feeling the way we want to be looked as is more important. It’s an era of commercialisation yet the basics remain the same for any place in the world you can think of. It’s all about feeling good at the end of the day!

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