Yellownotes – Quotes of the Week | March 2018 | Week 01

Written by Swati Joshi

April 6, 2018

Dear Facebook, Can you add – ‘Kick out the filthy wretch’ button? Sometimes we badly need it.
Dear Karma, I was just wondering if you visit those on priority who call you a bitch.
Dear India, In the name of citizens, you are having creatures with values imposed!
Dear Youth, A wasteful today is the guarantee for a remorseful tomorrow!
Dear World, You need to check our social media posts; Homer, Shakespeare, Tolstoy or Dante all are overtaken long ago!
Dear Ethics, We won’t take long to make you as remnant as the Appendix!
Dear God, Can you use a different pigment for obscene eyes?

A message to any and all known entities on this planet! Everyday expressions on an Indian postcard. Read, Receive and Spread.

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