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01. A little help would help!

Written by Swati Joshi

July 13, 2018

How much have you lived till now?

If counting the years and days passing by is called living then many of us have lived more than they need to. The world has this urge of being immortal since it has come into existence. Among all the discoveries and inventions, the main reason has been either the longer survival or being immortal.

In short, it’s about sustaining and increasing the life span. And the search for that potion still continues! With the change of time, we human not only have searched for the elixir but we now have stepped towards the longevity in addition to the quality of life. We not only are in search of a long life but happiness has also managed to stand at the top position in the list. Concisely, we want an interminable and upbeat life.

Today, there are endless formulae people have to suggest you about the term LIFE! But as most of the things in the Universe itself are relative, this LIFE is also a relative term. We can’t assess the magnitude of its betterment or retrogression without the reference of others. Human most of the times, can’t anchor the limits of achievements he should have without comparing it to others. The race of being the winner continues till the last breath.
I strongly believe that the best way to find an appropriate reference is to observe and witness than to analyze and categorize. What to observe and what should be witnessed? The answer is someone else’s life and whatever is happening around us along with the frame of our own previous state. People have developed a sense of analyzing almost everything whether it be the number of breaths taken. Is it really necessary to keep evaluating everything we see, feel or be a part of? No, actually not. Overthinking about all or any happening most of the time leads to a doubtful, stressful state of mind. Eventually, affecting the quality and span of life!
Here, in this series of articles, we’ll try to find what exactly the secrets are for leading a long and happy life! Explicitly what are the requirements that add value as well as increase the term of life? As I have mentioned earlier watching, observing and witnessing other people living can be a help. he next step could be that we can use those examples to make ourselves feel better.
“The race of being the winner continues till the last breath.”
To feel better and to make others feel the same can be the biggest aid to world peace so could definitely make a difference to our own life. Human is a social creature and finds bliss by various means. And believe it or not in search of this high spirit, we invariably are accustomed to comparing ourselves with others. We only feel stronger while compared with weaker; we could only feel merrier when we talk about deplorable, we consider ourselves richer only when we have to face underprivileged and so on. But we are slowly forgetting the habit of looking at our own lives for how much actually we are blessed with. So, using such examples can add little more value to the life. But friends, trust me this comparative happiness is very fragile because, the day you’d start watching the stronger, observing more fortunate and witnessing the wealthier than you are, this joy of being an achiever will be replaced by regression instantly. So, let’s think about some durable solution for feeling better.
Being helpful is one of the ways to make feel good. Doing our work (though it’s becoming a rare phenomenon!) and help doing others with theirs in our limits keeps us going. I have stated here about doing it in our limits, it’s really an eminent notion. Whenever we neglect considering the perimeter of power we hold, the chances of dismay increases. Need for help is incalculable thus trying to provide a portion of what you have is the culminating solution. This would satisfy both the ends up to an extent.
We should never give up but can give out for sure! Now, about the word help, most of the times we misunderstand it with providing money, wealth or physical aid barely but no, those are not the only boosters. Contributing with material things is surely a big deal and we must keep doing it but what I feel we overlook most of the times is being present! Being present in someone’s life without offering any material help is one of the most disregarded aspects of life today. People usually learn how to live in a certain period of time. Like we know standing since childhood; most of us know the solutions of their problems. As we had to have someone to support us while learning how to walk; for a lifetime we humans need a constant assurance in support of whatever we do. People need people whether they are in form of family, friends or any random person. So, being present to listen, to tell, to support or to assure is the biggest HELP!!
Now, only giving a hand is not the rule, in the game of life we are allowed to ask for help too. This mutual give and take in long term establishes bonding, providing a sure sense of security in return. Lessening the distance between, adding more joy to the days, improving the quality of life and finally appending a few more birthday celebrations!!





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